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McTimoney Animal Chiropractic 

John McTimoney founded McTimoney Chiropractic. He developed a quick, light and gentle technique to realign the spine and pelvis, using only the hands. He adapted his technique for use on animals, one which they find acceptable and non invasive. 

Realignment of the spine allows the nervous system to return to optimal function. Imagine the spine like a motorway, and at each junction (joint between the bones), a pair of nerves exit. These have an effect on the muscles and organs of an animal. If the joint impinges these nerves, it has an effect on the targeted organs/muscles, and can lead to obvious pain or more subtle influences on the body.  ​ ​

IMG_8453 2.JPG
IMG_7965 4.HEIC

Brains are clever, and without realising it, animals can develop movement compensations to alleviate pressure/tension/pain, and this is where asymmetries develop, such as a horse only wanting to strike off on one canter lead. 

McTimoney chiropractic follows the principle of innate intelligence, which means that the body has an instinctive understanding of being well. The quick, light movement of the McTimoney technique allows the muscles surrounding the vertebrae or pelvis to momentarily relax, resetting the alignment of the joint. 

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