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I'm passionate about....

lifelong learning. I love my career because every day I learn something from horses or people and I have the opportunity to share that with others. Take a peek below to discover what I've been up to.

About Me

My journey started as a groom in Cheltenham, working for a Grand Prix dressage rider and Eventer. I then moved to Belgium, working for an International Dressage Rider. I realised that without financial backing, I needed qualifications to earn any money in the industry, and returned to South Wales (I had graduated from Cardiff University) and gained a position at Liege Manor Equestrian, a Centre of Excellence in South Wales under Sarah Bassett (BHSI), proprietor. She became my role model and mentor. 


I worked hard and gained qualifications rapidly, helping the business to grow from 30 horses to 70 in my 7 years there. Looking back, the experience I gained during those foundation years was invaluable - breaking and backing, schooling, coaching, caring for and feeding a wide variety of horses, breeding, staff and client management, riding and competing. 


Moving on, I was appointed Centre Manager and Chief Riding Instructor at Bedgebury Stables and spent 18 happy months there. 


Wanting to develop worldly experience, I applied for a equestrian position with the Hong Kong Jockey Club. I spent 9 wonderful years there. Beas River is a unique establishment of 240 horses. It is a state of the art member's facility incorporating a riding school, liveries, retraining unit for the ex-racehorses and is Hong Kong's premier competition centre. 


As Head of Equestrian Training and Development I coached expat and Cantonese HKJC members from beginners to affiliated competitions in dressage, show jumping and eventing. I was involved with the retraining and rehabilitation of hundreds of ex-racehorses and trained local Cantonese instructors for their BHS assessments, managing trilingual assessment weeks, and became a BHS overseas assessor myself. I now assess in the UK. 


With coaches from all over the world, it was a melting pot of different ideas on horse training, rehabilitation and coaching. It was a time for me to explore and experiment, develop and hone methods of communication for both riders and horses alike. No singular method suits every horse and rider - both can achieve if it’s explained in a manner that they feel confident to try to understand. I developed a deep respect for Thoroughbreds. Their adaptability, athleticism and bravery is staggering. 


I did realise however, that in some cases, training can only get you so far. The on site veterinary department was brilliant, but there were very few people we could call on for musculoskeletal issues. I decided to return to the UK to study the MSc McTimoney Animal Manipulation. This Level 7 qualification is the highest level of qualification in musculoskeletal therapy and ensures all practitioners have the highest level of training and knowledge. 


Whilst studying, I worked at Ingestre Stables. Ingestre is one of the top three BHS Training and Exam centres in the world and it was a privilege to work alongside Tim Downes (FBHS) and Rob Lovatt (FBHS). They are at the heart of the equestrian world, involved with decision making policies and training riders up to Grand Prix dressage, 5* eventing, and coaches up to Fellowship BHS. 


Now it is wonderful to have returned to South Wales, to develop freelance coaching and McTimoney Animal Chiropractic in the area whilst also returning to work at Liege Manor Equestrian. It feels like I have come home. 

I have a strong client base locally and hold weekend clinics both for lessons and McTimoney Animal Chiropractic treatments in Aberystwyth once a month. Contact me if you would like to discuss either training or treatment. I offer a full range of services by appointment. 


In between study, I have written 5 Equestrian textbooks. When I was first qualified as a coach, I felt there were few books to help with ideas for teaching, so as I developed exercises, I wrote a book to help other coaches in the same position. The writing developed from there, including writing a chapter about lungeing which was translated for a South Korean equestrian book. 


Themed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors (Kennilworth Press, 2006)


Everyday Jumping for Riders and Instructors (Kennilworth Press, 2006)


BHS Workbook for Stage 1 (Waterstones, 2008)


BHS Workbook for Stage 2 (Waterstones, 2008)


An Instructor’s Guide to Teaching Children to Ride (Robert Hale Ltd, 2010)



07474 526076



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